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Biesbosch experience

The Biesbosch is a special landscape. Not only did the St. Elizabeth's flood take place here 600 years ago, which caused many villages to disappear from the map and create a large swamp area. Moreover, the Biesbosch is the cradle of crafts, materials, smuggling and sheltering and plays an important role in our water management. In addition, it is also just a beautiful nature reserve with a great biodiversity.

Spatial Design students from the Willem de Kooning Academy and Architecture & Urbanism students from Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Tilburg were commissioned to convey the theme 'Biesbosch 24 hours' with models, displays with sketches and 3D visuals with visual quality to the visitors. The models have been outside for 3 months; they are built from material that is pleasant to decay, such as natural materials or unbaked clay.

Spatial Design students of the Willem de Kooning Academy designed and built a pavilion of willow trees, a characteristic material of the Biesbosch. Concept and design of the project and exhibition were conceived by studio igNor. This project is in collaboration with Willem de Kooning Academy, Fontys Academy, Biesbosch MuseumEiland, Region West Brabant, Van den Herik Waterbouw and the municipality of Altena. Duration: from June to December 2022.

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